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About Us - Why Choose Host Leopard?

We found this company because we were sick and tired of paying for shared hosting solutions that were not stable. Other stable hosting options were expensive, so we decided to run our own company if we were going to incur these expenses. One that provides you with very stable redundant shared Linux hosting, but at prices you can afford as an individual or small business. The servers of Host Leopard not only power your important sites, but they also power our business sites as well! We make sure our servers are running quick, efficient, and secure. We trust our servers completely and have left no risk to chance. We have by far the best redundancy system.

We don't use Microsoft servers we use Linux servers. Linux is far more stable and less vulnerable to attack than the Microsoft servers. In addition to stability Linux servers are very friendly to modern databases and outside software programs. In fact many professional webmasters would never use a Microsoft server.

Check out our facilities You will not find another local company with so many redundancies and such massive facilities. Furthermore, we have many professional technicians on site constantly monitoring and servicing the servers.

Service: If you do have a problem we are here to help in a jiffy. We will resolve your issue quickly and efficiently most of the time ourselves.

Your Hosting Options:

When it comes to web hosting you basically have 3 options: Shared Servers, VPS Servers and Private Servers. Please read below, so that you can do your research, understand the differences, and what it means to you.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is by far the most cost effective solution. In many cases you can purchase hosting on a shared server for around $7 and up per month. There is one major drawback to shared servers. And that is overselling. Almost all large companies who give you unlimited bandwidth and disk space oversell their server space. These companies in many cases have thousands of websites per server with MySql databases, e-mail, autoresponders, and all the other unlimited resources they claim to give you for only $7 per month.

Think about this for a moment. If they give you unlimited resources on a server that has limited space, how are you supposed to have a stable website. If one of those thousands of websites gets hacked into, or runs heavy server resources, all other websites on that server suffer.

Bottom Line: While it is very tempting to use a shared server because it is the least expensive, and offers unlimited resources, these servers run heavy loads. I can tell you from lots of experience you will pay with downtime and databases that load very slow and/or are down for many periods throughout the day. As a consumer who wouldn't want unlimited resources for the best price? This is how these companies operate. The problem is that your website will pay the price and your clients will wonder why your website is down many times throughout the day. Companies that claim 99% uptime are lying who offer shared server solutions. It's just the way it works!

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers are usually the best solution. Virtual Private Servers can cost from $20 - $50 per month. A virtual private server slices off a piece of that server that only your website/websites reside. Meaning other websites do not control your uptime and stability. As you can see a VPS server cost a little more than a shared server per month.

Bottom Line: Virtual private servers offer the lowest price with a very stable platform.

Private Server

Private Servers are used for larger businesses and businesses that want extreme stability. The only website that effects performance on a private server is your own. Meaning other websites don't drain your resources. The downside of a Private server is that it cost: $175 and up per month. Most small businesses don't need and can't afford a private server.

Bottom Line: While a private server provides the most stability and vast amounts of space, it's expensive to maintain on a monthly basis.

Host Leopard

This is why choosing host leopard is the right choice: We offer a shared server that acts like a Virtual Private Server. Our server has very few websites (always less than 50 compared to thousands) and each website that is on our server has an allocated amount of resources. Plenty for any business or website, but not enough to effect the other websites and drain resources. We are priced somewhere in between shared server and VPS servers but our stability is unmatched! So we offer you an extremely stable website with plenty of resources at the lowest price!

In addition to having the most stable platform for the best price, please look at our facilities. We are monitored and housed at one of the worlds largest hosting sites. There are hundreds of employees who maintain our servers. With one of the most reliable and redundant security infrastructures in the world. Last but not least, your website will be hosted on a green server that is powered 100% by wind powered turbines. There is 30% power left over from our wind turbines that is sold back to the utility companies. We are the most cost effective, reliable, and green hosting companies. And by far the best choice!

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